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Medical Release Forms should be provided to and retained by your Coach when season practices begin - do not submit this form with the proof of age documentation.

FIFA Citizenship Clearance

For non-US-born players or players with dual-citizenship (US and some other country), there will be some follow-up later regarding one or more International Player Clearance forms which need to be submitted to FIFA through STYSA. This has nothing to do with the US government, but is a requirement by FIFA of all soccer clubs worldwide.

Soccer Age Chart - Fall 2018 / Spring 2019

Division Birth Year
U4 2015
U5 2014
U6 2013
U7 2012
U8 2011
U9 2010
U10 2009
U11 2008
U12 2007
U13 2006
U14 2005
U15 2004
U16 2003
U17 2002
U18 2001