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Recreational U11-U19

Division III are for players U11 and up. The player's age as of January 1 each year determines which age group the player is in.

Division III teams play inter-league against other teams in the CAYSA area (Central Texas), so there is more travel to games, potentially from Temple to far south Austin, depending on where the other teams are and whether the game is Home or Away. Half the games will be played at T&C (the home games).

CAYSA usually organizes tournaments at the end of each season, inviting the teams with the best records during the regular season to participate.

Division III soccer focuses on recreation and fun, as well as skill development. Guidelines for Division III include:

  • No selection/tryout process is permitted. Skill evaluations may be held in order to form teams in a fair and balanced method.
  • All players who register are assigned to a team as long as space in available on team rosters.
  • Players benefit from the opportunity for social interaction with other players their own age and the physical fitness aspects of the game while also developing better soccer skills.
  • Coaches must make every effort to play every player on the team at least one-half of the game unless unable due to illness or disciplinary reasons. In such cases, the coach must inform the referee and opposing coach that a player will not be participating.

Rule Changes from U10 to U11

  1. U11 is 9-v-9 on a larger 47x75 yard field
  2. U11 teams have a total roster size of up to 16 players.
  3. The games go from two 25-min halves to two 30-min halves.

Rule Changes from U12 to U13

  1. U13 is 11-v-11 on a full size field.
  2. U13 teams have a total roster size of up to 18 players.
  3. The games go from two 30-min halves to two 35-min halves.
  4. Ball goes from size 4 to size 5.
  5. Goal goes from 6.5'x18.5' to 8'x24'

For additional information please contact your Commissioner below:

U11-U19 Girls Commissioner: Erin & Kyle Patterson

U11-U19 Boys Commissioner: Rob Stock