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Competitive U9-U10

T&C Academy Fall 2016 for U9 & U10

This is our first season for playing CAYSA's Academy program at T&C. The intent of the academy format is to field teams that are competitive with their opposing teams. In order to to this the team rosters are open, there is no team roster, only game cards.

T&C CAYSA's Academy Program

  1. All players that apply will be accepted.
  2. Teams will have a common uniform.
  3. Teams will have a pool practice 2 days/week. Coaches will work from CAYSA curriculum and players will rotate through stations so they get to know all the coaches and coaches will know players. (need to have adjacent fields on the 30’s, separate girls and boys academy)
  4. Teams will start out with same team formation as used in the past. The Academy Director will decide on how to roster the teams. Expect “teams” will have between 7 to 11 players.
  5. Academy Director will work with coaches to find on-level matches with the structure provided by CAYSA.
  6. Coaches help adjust rosters based on player development needs.


Q.) Will I have to coach a game where my child is not playing?

A.) No - its open roster so your child can play in any game you are coaching.

Q.) Will the schedules be set so i can plan my life?

A.) It's a goal of the program to provide a predictable schedule but we are not sure how it will work. In general the player will have a core team they play with during the year. The object is for players to play in a minimum of 8 games per season. Players that want to play more will have that chance.

For additional information please contact your Commissioner below:

U9-U10 Academy Commissioner: Jimmy Mason

LSC Jr. Academy Program for U8 to U10

Lonestar Soccer Jr. Academy is the largest Academy in South Texas and provides premier youth development program for U8, U9, & U10 players in Central Texas. The program is designed for players who desire advanced training from the Lonestar professional staff. The Academy program emphasizes developing the complete player in all 4 pillars of the game including: technical, tactical, physical, and psychological. All academy players are expected to demonstrate focus, and a willingness to compete and develop, as they prepare for select soccer.

Contact Info: please contact Vijay Dixit at: