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Register as a coach

Once you have decided to be a coach or an assistant coach for T&C (thank you!), there are two steps you must accomplish. The first is to register in the T&C player system, the second is a background check. Here are those details:

Step 1: Register in the T&C player system
If you're already assigned to a team, you've already done step 1. Go on to Step 2.

Go to the place where you registered your children (Or click here), and make sure you register yourself as an adult. Select "coach" or "assistant coach" for the position. Once this is done, we can add you to the team as the coach.

Step 2: Register for a background check 
After you have been assigned to a team by your age group commissioner, a coach account will be created for you by T&C’s registrar in STYSA’s system at You will be sent an email via GotSoccer with instructions on how to verify your information in that system and authorize the background check. If you have coached with T&C Soccer before, you may already have a GotSoccer account that’s associated with T&C; if so, that will be used and you will receive a notification if you need to update anything. If you have multiple GotSoccer accounts, the one with TXS at or near the end will most likely be the one that’s used.

There is no charge to you for this, it will be paid by T&C.
BGCs will be good for 2 years, so you will not need to do this for a while. 

If you have questions, please email the registrar, David Chavez, at