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Practice Field Schedule Procedures




  • There will be two 90 minutes slots, 5:45-7:15, and 7:15-8:45.
  • Teams in the early slot may arrive as early as 5:00, but may not practice more than 90 minutes. You need to let me know if you will arrive earlier than 5:30 so we can avoid conflicts when T&C rents a field in the afternoon, such as to a school from 4:00-5:30. Otherwise, you may arrive to find your field in use.
  • If you have a special situation, like the Academy, contact me to discuss.
  • D3, D2, S2, and D1 teams are entitled to two practice slots per week.
  • The Academy will practice two nights per week.
  • Other U9-U10 teams (D4) are entitled to one practice slot per week. Teams may arrange a second practice at local schools or parks.
  • Board and commissioner members are entitled to one additional slot per week for one team, up to a maximum of two slots per team. 
  • U8 and younger teams do not practice at T&C, except if a board member uses his/her additional slot.
  • Fields are available for practices beginning February 13.
  • You may practice until your final game. No practicing (or team party) after your final game.
  • Only fully registered players may practice. This is particularly important for U15-19 players, because teams may start practicing before registration closes, and many players delay registering until the last moment.




  • Send your request to me (Chris Johnson) with all the information in the form below.
  • Any request received by Friday January 27 gets equal priority. Requests arriving after the 27th are handled first come first serve, but many of the slots may have already been assigned, so it's harder to get you something you'll like.
  • I will publish the schedule by Monday February 6.

Request form:




To request practice fields at T&C for the upcoming season for U9-U19, send an e-mail to Chris Johnson with the following information. 



Coach name:
Team name:
Age (U12, etc.):
Level (D4, D3, D2, S2, D1):

Time slot preferences (Day, Time). Example: 1st: Tuesday 5:45; 2nd: Tuesday 7:15. 3rd: Wednesday 5:45.

Available days are Monday-Friday. Available times are 5:45-7:15, 7:15-8:45.

1st preference:
2nd preference:
3rd preference:

Comments (Examples: would like to be adjacent to team xyz; I coach two teams and need them scheduled back-to-back):


Practicing Offsite: From time to time T&C teams need to practice at a location other than the T&C fields. Occasionally these locations require a formal roster. It is against T&C policy to release the contact information of its volunteers, players, and parents without express written permission.  Below is a sample email that can be sent to your entire team in order to gain that permission. Please be sure to copy both and in the original email. If they do not require a roster, but do require proof of insurance, this can be issued to you by sending a request with the full name and address of the location you are looking to use to


To reserve (Name of Field) for (Sport) practices, I need to provide (Entity) with a formal roster on T&C letterhead, including addresses, phone numbers and emails for each of the coaches and players/parents.  Since your contact information is private, T&C will not send the roster details without permission from each of you. 

If you are not comfortable sharing your info with (Entity), please let me know and we'll try to find another location  If you are comfortable, please forward this note to and (copying me) and simply state that you "permit T&C to share your contact information with (Entity)". 

I need to get this roster to the (Entity) by (Date), because they are making reservation decisions on (Date).  So, please forward your permission ASAP.

Coach _______________"