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Documents Required

Player Required Documentation

All soccer players are required to complete and sign a medical release form.  The medical release form is available on T&C Soccer website on the documents page and should be provided to and retained by your coach.

For non-US-born players or players with dual-citizenship (US and some other country), there will be some follow-up later regarding one or more International Player Clearance forms which need to be submitted to FIFA through STYSA. This has nothing to do with the US government, but is a requirement by FIFA of all soccer clubs worldwide.  More detailed information regarding requirements and procedures are available on T&C Soccer website on the documents page.

Proof of Age Requirement

All soccer players will be required to show Proof of Age.  If not already on file with the T&C Office, a copy of a birth certificate or other document meeting the STYSA requirements (see full list below), must be received by the T&C Soccer Registrar or the T&C Office within five (5) business days from the date of your on-line registration.  Please note, verification can take up to ten (10) days once proper documentation has been submitted.  Please do not contact the office for status or if received, the Soccer Registrar will verify and notify those if not received, if document is not legible or requires a different document from the required list.

Scans or copies of documents must be legible to be accepted.  Players cannot be assigned to a team without proof of birthdate on file at T&C.  This is a requirement from our parent organizations, CAYSA, STYSA/USYS, WDS2, WDDOA to ensure fairness of play and given the importance playing in the appropriate age group, the requirement is to verify the registered birthdate by seeing official proof of a birthdate.

This is a one-time activity for each player. There is no need to repeat it. T&C Soccer will record the type of verification, and once the players age is verified, the players account will display "verified" next to their date of birth, if not, you will need to submit proof of age documentation (e.g., record "TX BC" for Texas Birth Certificate, or "US PP" for a US Passport.  Documents will be stored in a secured location at T&C through the season and retained for future seasons' use unless a request is made by the submitting party to destroy the document at the end of a season for which a player is registered. 

Access to these documents will be limited to T&C office staff, the Soccer Registrar, the Registrar's assignees (assisting in verification or documentation of such), or representatives of Soccer's parent organizations if they request proof of age for particular players.  

The proof can be provided in multiple ways:

  1. Documents can be mailed to T&C office: 9100 Meadowheath Drive, Austin, Texas 78729;
  2. Hand delivered to the T&C office staff (during office hours 9am-4pm M-F);
  3. Placed in the locked drop box outside the office door;
  4. Scan and email to the Soccer Registrar at: with the subject "T&C Soccer: Proof of Age, [your player's name]".

Please don't leave an original document expecting to get it back.

From the STYSA Administrative Handbook, Registration chapter:

"3.2.8. PROOF OF AGE. Proof of age shall consist of a certified or verified birth certificate, a Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card (or the equivalent Department of Defense form) issued by the uniformed services of the United States, a birth registration issued by an appropriate government agency or board of health records, a passport, an alien registration card issued by the United States Government, a certificate issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service attesting to age, a current driver’s license, an unexpired federal, state or local government identification card (if documentation of birth is required), or a certification of an American citizen born abroad issued by the appropriate government agency. Hospital, baptismal or religious certificates will not be accepted.”